Equality and Diversity – Books for Children and Young People

Often we’re asked to recommend books – today we’re recommending a few which have some fundamental messages.

The Equalities Act (2010) places a duty on local authorities to eliminate discrimination, victimisation and harrassment with regards to the nine Protected Characteristics.

CLICK HERE – Equalities Act (2010) Information For Schools

Prejudiced based bullying can be prevented through education on Equality, Diversity and Children’s Rights and picture books are a powerful tool to deliver these messages.

Click the images below to access a list of selected picture books that the Millburn ASG are using to develop Equality, Diversity and Children’s Rights. The Equalities Pupil Group at Crown last session identified the key themes which could be delivered through the books.


CLICK HERE – Equality and Diversity Picture Books

The Millburn ASG are working with the Council’s Equality Improvement Group and LGBTI+ Sub-group to develop lesson plans alongside these books. These will be shared in the 2017/2018 session.

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