CLPE – Poetry Line

On the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) website you will find Poetryline – the national poetry centre for primary schools.


The Poetryline website includes a number of resources to support teachers in developing poetry in their classrooms.


The Poems section of Poetryline includes a number of poems which are accompanied by lesson plans and ideas. These can be searched by pupil stage, poet, theme, poetic device or poetic form.

CLICK HERE – Poetryline – Poems


The Classroom Resources section includes a number of different resources which can be used in individual classes and across schools to support the teaching of poetry.

CLICK HERE – Poetryline – Classroom Resources


The Poets section includes interviews with a number of the poets which are featured on the site along with links to their poems and learning resources.

CLICK HERE – Poetryline – Poets

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