Emerging Literacy – Training Videos

As part of the Emerging Literacy suite of resources a series of videos have been created to support practitioners in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy. The videos will take you through each aspect of Emerging Literacy exploring the theory, rationale and resources.

There are six video resources which have been created. You can access each of the videos below. Under each video you will find links to the resources which are required within each of the videos. 

1. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 1 – Theory

2. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 2 – Phonological Awareness

3. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 3 – Oral Language

4. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 4 – Pre-Handwriting

5. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 5 – Concepts of Print

6. Emerging Literacy: Training Video 6 – Family Learning

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