Teaching Content is Teaching Reading

When teaching reading comprehension, how are you developing new knowledge and consolidating prior learning?

This video shares the importance of decoding and the use of reading strategies, highlighting the of the use of context, underlying knowledge, understanding of the text and connections that a learner makes to a text,  the connections a learner makes from one text to another text and the connections  a learners makes between a text to world events.

Check out our previous blog post on the Super Six Reading Strategies for information on developing comprehension strategies.

This clip also suggests that for learners to have solid comprehension skills, we need to prioritise developing a varied knowledge base alongside reading strategies so learners can apply their knowledge and understanding to summarise, infer and hypothesize.

When literacy features within interdisciplinary learning (IDL) contexts, how are you planning for knowledge development and practising/ consolidating reading skills?

Check out our previous Highland Skills for Learning, Life and Work blog post for information on supporting skills development across learning.

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