‘I Have the Right to Be a Child’ – Lesson Plan

During December we will be sharing the lesson plans published by Highland Council’s Equalities Improvement Group and LGBTI+ sub-group to support the development of Equality and Diversity across the curriculum. 18 picture books have been selected; for each picture book there have been lessons created for Early – Fourth Levels (Curriculum for Excellence) driven by the Literacy and English and Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes.

Today’s Lesson: ‘I Have the Right to Be a Child’ – Sarah Ardizzone

‘I Have the Right to Be a Child’ is a  resource  which promotes discussion on the the term rights and the big questions about what it means to have rights in the world we live in today.

Children’s rights are at the heart of a school’s vision, values and aims. ‘I Have the Right to Be a Child’ supports practitioners to explore the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

CLICK HERE – ‘I Have the Right to Be a Child’ LESSON PLAN

Kindly created and shared by the young people and adults within the Millburn ASG Equality and Diversity Working Group and the Highland Council’s LGBTI+ sub-group of the Care and Learning Equalities Improvement Group. 

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