Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film

Into Film are hosting a session for practitioners on ‘Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film’ on Thursday 22nd February 2018, 4pm – 6pm, in Eden Court, Inverness. Into Film have a number of classroom resources available to support the teaching of literacy through film.

Participants will be introduced to a series of tools including the 3Cs (character, colour, camera) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound), which build teachers’ ability to help their learners contextualise and decode film, learning key literacy skills such as inference, deduction and analysis which can be applied to film and other texts. The session includes practical activities such as Sound on/Vision off, Role on the Wall and predictive writing. Each activity is designed to help build on a learner’s comprehension, analytical and writing skills and includes an opportunity for curriculum-focused filmmaking and extended writing.

CLICK HERE – INTO FILM: Raising Attainment in Literacy Through Film

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