Bookbug Session Leader Training – Fort William

Through our ongoing partnership with High Life Highland libraries, the Bookbug Session Leader training which was offered in areas across Highland earlier this session will be available in Fort William on Tuesday 17th April 2018, 10am – 3.30pm. This can be applied for through the CPD Calendar.

Bookbug Session Leader Training

Bookbug sessions are designed to promote family learning and engagement with early literacy, language and communication. They are delivered to families and their children, supporting them to connect through books, songs, rhymes and games.

The Bookbug Session Leader Training is open to EYPs/ PSAs/ Class Teachers who will lead Bookbug sessions with families and their children. The Bookbug sessions are geared at children, up to and including Primary 1, and their families. The training equips participants with the knowledge and develops the skills to lead a Bookbug session. Following attending the Bookbug Session Leader Training, participants will set-up Bookbug sessions within their nursery/ school.

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