Milestones to Support Learners with Complex Additional Support Needs

As part of their suite of resources, Education Scotland have produced a set of Literacy and English milestones to support learners with complex additional support needs.

“Milestones are important points in development and demonstrate progression. Learners who are not able to achieve any of the benchmarks within Early Level still require tracking and monitoring of their progression. Whilst, many of these learners will move on to work at Early Level, some learners will continue to make progress at the pre-early stage.

These milestones are intended to support practitioners to track the progression of these learners. They are not intended to provide an alternative curriculum for children and young people with complex additional support needs and planning for such learners should continue to be based on the Experiences and Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence with personalisation where required.”

CLICK HERE – Education Scotland: Milestones

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