Read, Write, Count – P2 and P3 Training

We have just had notification from Tamara Hedderwick at the Scottish Book Trust about online training which is taking place THIS WEEK for those in schools, libraries and third sector organisations who are involved in supporting the Primary 2 and Primary 3 Read, Write, Count packs.

A free, short online training session is available to inspire gifting ideas, start planning an event and guide you to resources the Scottish Book Trust and partners have developed to support learning professionals through the gifting process.

The session also covers where to find support for parental engagement in their child’s learning. If the opportunity to provide support and advice to parents is taken, it increases the chance that the bags will be used effectively at home. How the bags are gifted will have an impact on how the bags are used at home.

Find out more by booking a session during Tuesday 30th October – Thursday 2nd November 2018, at either 2-3pm or 4-5pm on each day. Please book into your preferred session by following the link below:

If you cannot make these dates and times please email with an expression of interest and she will organise a session with a member of her team in the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE – SBT RWC Information

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