Growing Up A Reader

Growing up a Reader (GUAR) is an interdisciplinary research project  in collaboration between The University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Book Trust and Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood. The project aims to understand what it means to be a young reader in the 21stcentury.  New literacies are shaping children’s and adolescents’ reading experiences; however, there is a lack of research as to what attracts young people to different text types or what it means to be a reader from young people’s perspectives.

As part of this project, the team are inviting people involved in supporting children’s literacy (as well as children and young people themselves) to share their reading experiences by creating their own GUAR profile, which they will share on their website. Their research team have already started so there is a template for you to work from if you are interested in taking part.

All submissions should be 150-230 words, come with a photograph and finish with a little bit about you (e.g., current job). Any submissions are due by the end of January 2019, sent to Dr Sarah McGeown:

CLICK HERE for the GUAR resources section with links to supporting a reading culture

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