CPL Opportunity – Play Pedagogy in P1

Education Scotland in their Transitions 2020 guidance, and in Realising the Ambition, call for an increased use of play pedagogies in P1 both because it is effective in itself and because it will help ease the transition back to school for young children.  The Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reopening Schools Guide sets out how play can be used in class while maintaining public health requirements.

A number of schools in Highland have been using play pedagogies successfully in P1 and composite classes for several years.  Some of these teachers have been gathering resources and “how to” guides to help other schools get started, based on what they have found to work.  During this session they will share those resources and lead discussions on implementation and problem solving, including issues around social distancing and working with families.

There will be follow up throughout the school session with regular monthly opportunities to network and build a community of practice as we all learn to implement play pedagogies and adapt to changing circumstances.

The session is primarily for Head Teachers and those teaching or working with P1 children.  Those already experienced in using play approaches in Early Level are also very welcome to share ideas and solutions.

Session is on Friday 26th June 10-11am, and repeated on Monday 29th June 10-11am, access via the Digital Calendar or meet.google.com/qcj-gemp-xjs

This session is only available to Highland Council staff.

Any questions in advance welcome to James McTaggart, Annika Jansson or May Beaton.

2 thoughts on “CPL Opportunity – Play Pedagogy in P1

  1. Ashley Mackay - Glenurquhart Primary


    Thank you for you email regarding play pedagogy in P1- how do I sign up for the event on Monday?

    Kind regards,

    Ashley ________________________________

    1. lauramcginlay Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      I am not sure if the training has been added to the Highland CPD website yet. If not, you can access the session using the Google Meet link given in the post. If you remember to post your name in the chat when joining the meet, we will let CPD know of your attendance and the hours will be added to your CPD record.



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