Highland Council Literacy Training Sessions

Literacy Training Sessions

Over the next two terms, we will be running weekly training sessions on areas of literacy for Highland Council staff.  These sessions will include;

  • Wraparound Spelling
  • Morphological Spelling
  • Assessing spelling and planning for change
  • Phonics from the beginning and as an intervention
  • Organising the learning and teaching of reading
  • Assessing reading and planning for change
  • Planning for change in writing
  • Developing independence in writing
  • The use of benchmarks across the curriculum

There is no need to register for these training sessions through the CPD calendar.  To access the training, copy and paste the link given into your chrome browser.  No register will be taken, so you must record this in your own CPD log.  A google form will be sent out a couple of weeks after training to assess the impact training and how we can support you further.

To access the full information, click here.

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