Words Up Early

These sessions are for Highland Council practitioners in Early Years who wish to explore the Words Up Early key messages in depth.

You will find the details for pre-tasks and the Google meet Code on the Highland Council Digital Hub online calendar.

Introduction to Words Up Early   7/12/22   18.30-20.00 13/02/23  15.30-17.00
Words Up Early: Pause and Wait   25/01/23  18.00-19.00
Words Up Early: Play and Talk Together   15/02/23   18.00-19.00
Words Up Early: Face to Face   15/03/23  18.00-19.00
Words Up Early: Quiet Time to Talk   19/04/23  18.00-19.00
Words Up Early: Be Careful with Questions 10/05/23  18.00-19.00
Words Up Early: Copy and Add   07/06/23  18.00-19.0
Words Up Early; Applying the Key Messages to support Attention and Listening  
22/2/23   13.00-15.00 09/05/23    18.00-20.00
Words Up Early: Applying the Key Messages to Songs and Rhymes  
14.03.22    18.00-20.00 05.06.23    13.00-15.00
Words Up Early:  Applying the Key messages to Books and Stories  
07/12/22   15.30-17.30 05/06/23   9.00-11.00
Phonological Awareness in the Early Years 31/01/23   16.00- 16.45 18/04/23   18.00-18.45

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