Highland Literacy Framework

The revised Highland Council Literacy and English Framework for Early-Second Levels was launched today at the Primary Attainment Summit for Head Teachers.

The Highland Council Literacy and English Framework is built upon the earlier Highland Literacy Steps to Success progression and the Northern Alliance Early Level Literacy and English Progression Tool. It is organised into the three organisers of Listening and Talking, Reading and Writing for each of the CfE Levels Early – Second.

The format of the Framework will be familiar to practitioners who have used the Highland Council/ Northern Alliance Early Level Framework which was published in 2018. The 2023 Framework has extended the work of Early Level in to First and Second Levels, using the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences & Outcomes and Benchmarks to support the progress of learning, teaching and assessment within and across Levels.

The Framework and a presentation with notes which introduces the Framework can be found on the links below.

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