Raising Attainment in Literacy

On-Line Training Opportunities for 2023/2024

As you begin to look at your School’s Improvement Plan for the next academic session, you will see the literacy trainings that are on offer which may be able to support you in this task.  Although people may sign up for trainings out of personal interest, it is often best to plan for trainings strategically within a whole school approach.

You will be able to find the dates and sign into these trainings through the Highland Council CPD calendar which is on the Schools’ Hub.

Emerging Literacy

  • Initial Training and termly networks

Literacy for All

  • Introduction for SMTs
  • Full day trainings for primary teachers and ASL teachers
  • Full day trainings for secondary teachers and ASL teachers
  • Four twilight sessions across the year for primary teachers and ASL teachers
  • Four twilight sessions across the year for secondary teachers and ASL teachers
  • Termly network sessions

Literacy Training (offered twice a year)

  • Teaching phonics
  • Reading in a multi-composite class
  • Reading in Primary 1 and Primary 2
  • Reading in Primary 3 to Primary 5
  • Reading in Primary 6 and Primary 7
  • Teaching spelling in a multi-composite class
  • Wraparound Spelling (P3-5)
  • Morpharound Spelling (P6/7)
  • Teaching writing in a multi-composite class
  • Writing in Primary 1 – 3
  • Writing in Primary 4 – 7
  • Comprehension
  • Listening and Talking

Outside Providers

  • Talk for Reading  and Talk for Writing

Working Groups

The working groups contain a series of dates and are for people who wish to be part of a team developing resources across Highland Council in different areas of literacy.  We hope to develop resources in English Medium and Gaelic Medium together. 

  • Listening and Talking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Additional Support Needs

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