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Literacy and English Reports – April 2015

During the last week of April three Literacy and English reports were released by the Scottish Government and Education Scotland:


3 – 18 Literacy and English Review (April 2015) – A report from Education Scotland which highlights the strengths and recommendations of recent observed practice.


I Read . . . Scottish Government (April 2015) – A report from the Scottish Government which highlights the strengths and recommendations made by the Standing Literacy Commission.


SSLN Findings (April 2015) – A report from the Scottish Government which highlights the results from the 2014 Scottish Summary of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) assessment.

CLICK HERE for a summary of each of the reports

Following the 3 – 18 Literacy and English Review (April 2015) an audit tool, organised into key themes, which includes the reflection questions from the document has been created to support self-evaluation of current Literacy developments. CLICK HERE to download the audit tool.

Following the SSLN Findings (April 2015) Education Scotland have published the SSLN – Literacy – Professional Learning Workshops resource on their website. This is a professional learning resource that can be used to support staff in the developments of group discussion, reading strategies and writing skills.

Comma, semi-colon or dash maybe? . . .

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The technical aspects of writing – spelling, grammar and punctuation – are sometimes the first thing we notice when reading a piece of writing.

However, if you doubt yourself as to which punctuation mark is required, whether to use practice or practise, or even need refreshed on the difference between definite and indefinite articles, here’s link to put you in the right direction.

Education Scotland have added a ‘Knowledge of Language’ section to their website which can be used as a quick-reference guide for both English and Scots. I found the English section particuarly useful today when doing a mini-lesson on punctuation during writing:

Knowledge of Language – English – CLICK HERE!

The ‘Test Yourself’ could be shared with learners as an interactive consolidation activity.