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Talk the Big Talk

Talk the Big Talk, a precursor to Big Writing, puts emphasis on the importance of talk, particularly in the early years, to enhance the writing process.

Talk the big talkUsing the core Big Writing principles of Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation, (VCOP) early years practitioners can use the power of talk within their writing sessions. Ros Wilson (founder of Big Writing) believes that:

‘If a child can’t say it, a child can’t write it.’

Up-levelling- the skill of improving sentences through the use of ambitious vocabulary, varied connectives, powerful openers and punctuation. Allowing learners to develop the concept of VCOP orally, will in turn influence their ability to transfer their skills into their writing. Click on the links below for ideas of how to use VCOP in the classroom.
sentenceplay.co.uk – CLICK HERE!
VCOP – Year 1 ideas- CLICK HERE!

In addition to this, ‘Talk Homework’ is at the core of Big Writing/Big Talk sessions. Some ideas for Talk Homework can be found below:
Talk Homework Ideas- CLICK HERE!

If you use ‘Talk the Big Talk’ in your classroom, and have any learning and teaching ideas, we’d love to hear from you.