Supporting Learners With Dyslexia . . .

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The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit (Dyslexia Scotland) has great CPD and Professional Learning resources. It contains a suite of CPD materials which can be used individually or with staff. Activity 4 includes a PowerPoint which can be used to introduce the resource to staff. Similar to the PowerPoints within the Literacy Toolkit, the resource contains notes for the facilitator. We will be looking at this resource as a group to see how we can weave it into our current training programmes.

CLICK HERE – Addressing Dyslexia Website

2 thoughts on “Supporting Learners With Dyslexia . . .

  1. Morven Hulks

    Fantastic to see you including the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit! I work with dyslexic pupils out of school and am so aware that, in spite of the assessing and the addressing tool kits having been available for some time, teachers are NOT aware of their existence. Teachers need all the help they can get to spot dyslexic needs and address them as best they can — just having some understanding and being on the child and parents side makes a huge impact on support and learning. Well done!

  2. Morven Hulks

    Re my email commenting on highlighting Addressing Dyslexia toolkit– a very ‘easy to read’ took for teachers who have little or no experience of dyslexia is:
    Help My Child has Dyslexia by Judy Hornigold. LDA £12:99 Author is a SpLT and parent of a dyslexic child. Simple, really helpful for teachers and parents .


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