Literacy Toolkit

TeamworkThe Literacy Toolkit takes the form of CPD PowerPoints (roughly 1 hour long) and aims to provide opportunities for teachers to address, discuss and agree improvement steps in Literacy. The PowerPoints will include notes which can be delivered by a facilitator in school development sessions, or be used by individuals for CPD.

CLICK HERE – Highland Literacy Toolkit Update 2016

  1. Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time
  2. Building Vocabulary for Better Literacy
  3. Developing Thinking
  4. Group Talk – A Focus on the Individual
  5. Handwriting vs. Keyboard Skills
  6. Learning and Teaching – A Focus on Writing
  7. Literacy Across Learning
  8. Literacy through Exploration
  9. Reading Between the Lines
  10. Read With Confidence
  11. Spelling and Beyond
  12. Talk With Confidence
  13. Writing Feedback – Technical vs. Content
  14. Write With Confidence

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