Open a Literacy Surgery

Thank you to Sara Macaskill at Knockbreck Primary who informed this post.

The Literacy through Exploration PowerPoint within the Literacy Toolkit allows practitioners to investigate play based learning experiences, beyond the boundaries of the Early Years.

Opening a Literacy Surgery allows just that . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Learners – equipped with their surgical gloves, mask and utensils – can put the grammar, spelling and language skills that they’ve learned into an active context.

Perhaps you want them to form contractions, make common words or even create sentences. A Literacy Surgery is a great technique that can be used to provide learners with the experience of developing these skills. The photo slideshow highlights some possible ideas; however, click the Pinterest image below to explore  the concept further.


You may also wish to CLICK HERE for free publications from Pearson which can be used to inform your teaching of language skills.

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