Talking Round Corners

Before the February break I visited Grantown Primary School and I was lucky enough to take part in a Talking and Listening lesson with P5 using the Talking Round Corners methodologies.


Talking Round Corners enables learners to:
– develop their higher order thinking skills
– develop their turn taking skills in conversations
– build on their confidence in sharing responses with others
– transfer knowledge from a text into a discussion.

Want more information? . . .
CLICK HERE – Talking Round Corners Inverclyde

How do I build a lesson in practice? . . .
CLICK HERE Talking Round Corners – Example Lesson

1 thought on “Talking Round Corners

  1. Susan Powers

    Love the use of body language. This is perfect for my IB PYP unit of inquiry on Voices and How We Express Ourselves, thanks for sharing.


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