Around the World Reading Challenge

Following the recommendations made in the Read on, Get on report towards the end of 2014, the following post is a suggestion which would support their tagline:

‘Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything’

The National Literacy Trust have an incentive called the ‘Reading Miles Global Challenge‘. For every sustained ten minutes a child reads they gain 500 reading miles.

The aim – travel around the word collecting 33,000 reading miles with 11 hours worth of reading. Teachers may choose to organise this in different ways, including an in-school or at-home reading challenge.

Click the image below for the Wall Chart:

Click the image below for the Reading Passport which can be used to track individual pupil progress:

Click the image below for the Certificate to award completion of the challenge:

This is a great incentive for pupils across the school to develop sustained approaches to reading. Practitioners may decide to differentiate the milestones for learners. The Reading Miles Global Challenge website will give you an overview of how you may structure the project.

Start on Monday and your kids could be round the world by the Summer holidays!

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