Creativity is . . . divergent thinking!

At the Starcatchers creativity event last week there were a variety of presentations and workshops within the Early Years and school age context that explored instilling Creativity in education.

In the Education Scotland presentation, they highlighted Creativity as providing opportunities for Divergent Thinking.



In the release of Steps to Success – The Highland Literacy Progression the Highland Literacy progression, we have highlighted that the Sub-SAL ‘develop and use higher order thinking skills’ permeates throughout the Literacy Experiences and Outcomes. It was highlighted at the event that Creativity should permeate throughout the curriculum.

One idea which we saw was this clever box-file concept – the perfect opportunity for developing a ‘provocation to talk’ lesson which could support the creation of oral and written texts. Set these up in your classroom and allow your learners to think . . . to create.

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This box-file in particular is a great way to get learners talking and creating texts:



Ramsey Musallam presented a TED Talk where he shared ‘3 rules to spark learning’. Curiosity, Trial and Error, Reflection – all three are key to embedding creativity in our learning environments.

CLICK HERE for the ‘Creativity Across Learning’ report from Education Scotland

What opportunities do you provide for learners to explore Literacy through creativity?


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