Emerging Literacy – Support Materials

Following the Emerging Literacy training which took place across the Authority towards the end of last session, the draft support materials are now available to download by clicking the images below.

Concepts of Print


Oral Language



Fine Motor Skills


Phonological Awareness


Support materials, in the form of developmental continua, have been created on the following areas (click the links to download):

Concepts of Print – CLICK HERE Developmental Continuum
Expressive Language – CLICK HERE Developmental Continuum
Understanding of Language – CLICK HERE Developmental Continuum
Pre-Handwriting – CLICK HERE Developmental Continuum
Phonological Awareness – CLICK HERE Developmental Continuum

A working group will continue to develop these materials over the 2015/2016 session. Please access the most up to date version of the materials by visiting the blog.

To support your engagement with the Primary One Literacy Assessment and Action Resource (POLAAR) we have created a support tool which allows you to use the materials above when engaging with the POLAAR: Child Observation and Child Observation with Actions documents.

The following document has connected the twenty aspects in the POLAAR observational checklist to the relevant areas within the continua:

CLICK HERE – POLAAR Child Observational Assessment and Development Links

The developmental overviews which are used in Early Years and Childcare settings in Highland can also be downloaded below:

Overview of Early (3 year old) Pre-school Skills – CLICK HERE
Overview of Pre-school (4 year old) Skills – CLICK HERE

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