Raising Attainment – Phonological Awareness

As we strive to raise attainment, taking a developmental approach to literacy will allow us to ensure that learners are building on solid foundations. Taking a developmental approach will also allow us to plug gaps in pre-reading and writing skills.

As part of our Emerging Literacy materials a Phonological Awareness Assessment has now been created to support practitioners in assessing the Phonological Awareness skills of school-age children. This can be used in the Early Level to establish a pre-reading baseline or as a screening tool with learners throughout the school who are showing signs of having literacy difficulties.

Following the assessment, the activities within the Phonological Awareness Continuum can be used to move learners through the continuum.

Click the images and links below to download the screening assessment and the accompanying picture booklet.


PA2CLICK HERE – Phonological Awareness Assessment
CLICK HERE – Phonological Awareness Picture Booklet

A number of support resources for Phonological Awareness will be published on the blog in the coming weeks.

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