Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Primary 1 (P1)

When beginning to take a developmental approach to
emerging literacy in Primary 1, where do you begin?

CLICK HERE to access a document that captures the Emerging Literacy support materials on one page. The succinct guidance and hyperlinks aim to support practitioners to access the resources. CLICK HERE to access the overview of Emerging Literacy in Primary 1. This can be used to support self evaluation.

Where to Begin Guide

Emerging Literacy in Primary 1

Below, you can also access the Practice Guidance, FAQ Guide and links to underpinning research.

Practice Guidance

Underpinning Research Links

FAQ Guide

To support adult/ child interaction across the Early Level, practitioners are encouraged to engage with the Words Up Early Key Messages and the Words Up Early (Level 1) training.

Each of the developmental areas – Concepts of Print, Oral Language, Phonological Awareness and Pre-Handwriting – have their own tabs within the Emerging Literacy tab. In addition to this you will find a tab for the Emerging Literacy Training Videos and the Developmental Overviews . Click the images below to access support materials for each of the areas.

Concepts of Print


Oral Language



Phonological Awareness


Pre-Handwriting Skills


Emerging Literacy Training Videos

Developmental Overviews


The Emerging Literacy Network Content can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. You will need a Glow Username and Password to access this.

34 thoughts on “Taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy in Primary 1 (P1)

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  14. louise bain

    I am a PT in East Ayrhire and am really interested in all of the work that you are doing around develoing vocabulary. Can I contact someone to discuss further please

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