No Pens Day Wednesday – 5th October 2016

npdwNo Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools and settings to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities.

This year’s No Pens Day Wednesday will take place on Wednesday 5th October 2016.

Why don’t you try putting away the pens and pencils for a day, and looking at ways to develop your pupils’ oral language?


Click the image above for the No Pens Day Wednesday 2016 Activity Pack. The pack is full of information and ideas how Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings can support this. The official date is Wednesdy 5th October 2015.

See a video from The Communication Trust on the impact of No Pens Day Wednesday

Check out the Building Vocabulary for Better Literacy PowerPoint from The Literacy Toolkit to look at strategies for pre-teaching vocabulary – a great resource to support schools in Closing the Vocabulary Gap.

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