How Are You Closing the Vocabulary Gap?

We know that there is a vocabulary gap between the most and least advantaged. A recent presentation from Graeme Logan, Education Scotland, has reiterated this point. See presentation below.

In Highland we’re taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy ensuring that we are addressing the gaps in Oral Language development.

CLICK HERE – Expressing Language Continuum
CLICK HERE – Understanding of Language Continuum

We have published, with the support of the Speech and Language Therapy Service, resources to support the teaching of vocabulary:
CLICK HERE – Building Vocabulary for Better Literacy
CLICK HERE – Pre-Teaching Vocabulary

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The P5/6 class in Glenurquhart Primary School, Drumnadrochit, have used the Pre-Teaching Vocabulary resources to support the teaching of vocabulary. It’s great to see these resources being used across the school to meaningfully teach vocabulary. Check out their examples below:

P5-6 Glenurquhart Primary School – appreciated
P5-6 Glenurquhart Primary School – creative
P5-6 Glenurquhart Primary School – peaceful

Let us know how you’re teaching vocabulary in your classroom by leaving a comment on the blog.

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