Emerging Literacy – Northern Alliance Practice Video

Taking a developmental to Emerging Literacy aims to support education practitioners to match the teaching and learning of early literacy, language and communication experiences to the needs of each child. Through collaborative partnerships between education, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Educational Psychologists, educational practitioners across the Northern Alliance have been embedding Highland’s approach to Emerging Literacy across the north of Scotland. This video reflects on the impact of professionals and the outcomes for children and young people across the Northern Alliance this academic session.

It is great to hear many of the reflections from our recent local Emerging Literacy networks across Highland have been reiterated within this short video. Further details of the impact on practitioners and the outcomes for children through taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy will be detailed in the Northern Alliance report which will be published at the beginning of July.

What training is available to apply for on the Highland CPD Calendar?

Whole Day Emerging Literacy Training – this training will take place in term 4 of 2016/2017, term 1 of 2017/ 2018 and term 4 of 2017/2018. It is targeted to P1 Teachers, SMT, ASN Teachers, Educational Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). This training provides an introduction to the theory and rationale, the assessment tools and the support materials available in taking a developmental approach. The following dates are available to apply for through the CPD Calendar.

Emerging Literacy Networks – the Emerging Literacy networks have proven to be a supportive mechanism for practitioners during the 2016/2017 session in supporting practitioners to take a developmental approach through five twilight sessions during the academic session. These will continue during the 2017/2018 session in ten locations across the Local Authority. There will be separate support available for schools who are beginning their Emerging Literacy journey (Year 1 schools) to those who are continuing their Emerging Literacy journey (Year 2+ schools). For a whole-school approach to Emerging Literacy to be effective, we have seen the greatest impact when P1 Class Teachers and a member of SMT attend together. A whole-school approach will ensure that all children and young people who can benefit from taking a developmental approach make appropriate progress. Local Networks provide the opportunity for school practitioners to work with support services, Educational Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in a universal way. The following dates are available to apply for through the CPD Calendar. When applying you will be signed up to the five sessions within your local network. Venues to be confirmed.

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