Story Sacks – Tore and Munlochy

Thank you to Audrey Buchannan, Head Teacher at Tore and Munlochy Primary Schools, for sharing the information within this post.

As part of supporting family learning, positive adult/child interaction (through the Words Up! Early Key Messages) and developing children’s emerging literacy skills, Lianne Pirie from Tore Primary School is launching Story Sacks, which have been designed to support early literacy, language and communication development, with the families of children across the Early Level at Tore and Munlochy Primary Schools this month.

Each of their Story Sacks have a theme, and each Story Sack includes books related to the theme, props related to the books and some practical ways to build on children’s early language and motor skills using the props and the texts.

Tore and Munlochy have kindly shared their:

Story Sacks Launch Presentation
Story Sacks – Family Leaflet


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