Using Wordless Picture Books in Schools and Libraries

The Scottish Book Trust have published a resource to support ELC settings, schools and libraries in using wordless picture books with children and young people.

Using Wordless Picture Books in Schools and Libraries‘ shares the power of using wordless picture books to promote children’s literacy and language skills through language comprehension.

Use this resource with ‘Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time to develop concrete to abstract thinking, and ‘Building Vocabulary for Better Literacy‘ to support vocabulary instruction.

As part of Emerging Literacy, we’re currently developing a suite of Oral Language resources. Wordless Picture Books are a great way of supporting the development of Sequence and Narrative skills. Check out our Sequence and Narrative resources we’ll be launching through our next round of Emerging Literacy networks:

Developing Narrative Concepts
Developing Sequencing Concepts
OL – Sequence and Narrative_ TALKFORWRITING

CLICK HERE – SBT – Wordless Picture Books

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