Wordless Books: A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

“A Picture Tells A Thousand Words”

Wordless Books are a great way of supporting children’s literacy and language development through vocabulary, oral langauge comprehension and narrative skills. In a previous post last year we shared the Scottish Book Trust’s guidance on using wordless books in schools and libraries.

Using these practitioners can:

The Scottish Book Trust has written a blog post on using Wordless Books. CLPE has also has a suggested list of wordless books that can be used across the school.

Those schools that are part of the Council’s structured approach to reading comprehension development this year are using wordless books to support the development of comprehension strategies.

CLICK HERE – Scottish Book Trust – Wordless Books in Schools and Libraries

CLICK HERE – Scottish Book Trust blog post – Wordless Books

CLICK HERE – CLPE – Suggested list of Wordless Books

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