Pre-Handwriting – NEW and UPDATED Resources

Head over to the Pre-Handwriting page on the Emerging Literacy tab to see the updated and new resources from the Occupational Therapy department in Highland to support pre-handwriting development.

What’s new?

Most of the resources have just been updated with new links or a slight rearrangement of formatting; however, we also see two new resources:

1. Messy Play

Access the Messy Play resource for sensory play experiences to support the development of fine motor skills and pre-writing skills.


2. Bike Riding

Access the Bike Riding handout, ideal for families, to support the development of bike riding skills.


To download all of the revised handouts, click the link below – the most up-to-date resources are available via the Pre-Handwriting page.

CLICK HERE – OT Resources (March 2016)

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