P1 Bookbug Packs – Blanks Language Questions

P1-3 Teachers – Have you organised a Bookbug/ Read, Write, Count gifting with your local network librarian? If not, get in contact ahead of Book Week Scotland next week to see how you can work collaboratively.

At the last round of Emerging Literacy Networks in November we explored developmentally appropriate language and questioning through the Blanks Language Scheme. As part of the Literacy Toolkit, you can access the Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time PowerPoint which supports practitioner understanding of concrete to abstract language.

Within the networks, practitioners created a bank of Level 1 – Level 4 questions to use when developing dialogic reading using the Primary 1 Bookbug packs. These can be downloaded by clicking the images and hyperlinks below:

CLICK HERE – Blanks Language: Little Owl’s Egg  CLICK HERE – Blanks Language: The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee  CLICK HERE – Blanks Language: Gorilla Loves Vanilla

P1 Teachers: Register your class to vote in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize ahead of Book Week Scotland next week. Once you have used the books in your classroom to support your learning and teaching, and taken part in your class Bookbug gifting, you class are to vote for their favourite by Friday 8th December 2017. CLICK HERE – REGISTER TO VOTE

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